Playing the Moldovans at Tennis – Tony Hawks

Sep 16

This book by Tony Hawks was given to me by my friend Stacy.  So the premise of this nonfiction book is a drunken bet at an English pub.  This sounds like something my brothers Rhett and Casey would do, so I immediately warmed to the idea.

Tony Hawks grew up playing tennis.  He therefore surmises that he can beat 11 members of the Moldovan football (soccer to you Americans) team at tennis.

The author takes this idea and runs with it!  The way Mr. Hawks writes made me feel like I was on his hilarious, adventurous, heartwarming journey with him.  I wanted to be there when he met his host family.  I fell in love with the kids, as did the author.  I also felt his discomfort when he met with the “Arsehole of the Universe”.  I appreciated the struggles he had with the extreme personality differences between himself and Iulian, his translator/guide.  (Mr.  Hawks is very light-hearted; Moldovans in general seem decidedly unhappy.)

I found myself cheering for Mr. Hawks, cheering for the host family, and cheering for the idea of unbridled whimsy and adventure…all in the name of a bet at a bar.  (The loser of said bet would have to strip naked and sing the Moldovan National Anthem.  Yikes.)  What the author actually gained was a new understanding of a culture he was completely unfamiliar with, a chance to inspire an angst ridden/apathetic youth, and to live in a country he never knew existed.

Maybe we should all take a page from Mr. Hawks’ book…go full force at something and the payoff may not be your original goal, but something far greater than you imagined.

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  1. I can’t wait to read this book! Thanks for sharing it!

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