Perfect Poolside Summer Snacks

Jun 27

Perfect Poolside Summer Snacks

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Perfect Poolside Summer Snacks



Summertime produces a cornucopia of fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables which pair perfectly with an afternoon at the pool.


Nothing works up an appetite quite like a long day playing outdoors. After soaking up sun rays, tummies regularly crave something refreshing, light and, of course, delicious. Summertime induces a need for small, snack-sized munchies using fresh, local ingredients. The heavy, stick-to-your-bone meals of Winter are long forgotten once Summer rolls around. Now, finger foods with touches of fresh fruits and vegetables are on the menu.


Enjoying the sunshine generally means you are outside riding bikes, gardening or mowing the lawn, getting in a long endurance run, or enjoying the refreshing waters of a swimming pool. Pool time is a crowd-pleasing activity, perfect for people of all ages since so many find joy in a pool’s crystal clear blue waters. If you are poolside lounger, a cannonball jumper, a shallow-water wader, or a casual poolside observer, you will likely develop a mammoth-sized appetite after time spent in or near a pool, so here are some tips for creating the perfect poolside snacks.


Make ahead munchies. When you are planning a day at the pool, make your munchies ahead of time. You can pack them in a cooler and small sandwich-sized Ziploc bags to keep them fresh. Portion out things like trail mix, cheese and crackers, or popcorn for easy portability and cleanup.


Sauce it up. Jazz up any chip, vegetable or fruit with a homemade dip. Guacamole, fruit dip, a French onion dip, or just a creative take on ketchup, is an excellent way to dress up ordinary poolside snacks.


Keep it fresh. A sweet apple, some strawberries and blueberries, a few carrot and celery sticks, or just a bunch of green or red grapes are healthy and refreshing snack options. Plus, they will not weigh you down when you are ready to jump back into the pool feet first.


Make it sizzle. Just like peanut butter pairs perfectly with jelly, a pool day goes hand-in-hand with a traditional barbecue or grill session. Hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwursts, and grilled veggies all scream outdoor eating and summertime so fire up the grill and watch the smiles spread.



Food from the grill is sure sign of summer and is a perfect poolside summer snack.


The perfect poolside snacks are not complete without the main ingredient, the pool, and a Rec Warehouse above ground swimming pool is the ideal solution. Just imagine, walking out your back door to enjoy your own, private pool. Keep the snacks and drinks extra cold inside your refrigerator and never worry about hauling a giant cooler through the neighborhood or in and out of the car just to ensure your food stays safe to eat.


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Snacks always taste best when enjoyed in the comfort of your own yard. So do not delay purchasing the essential ingredient for your perfect summer, an above ground pool. If you want to make the most of your summer this year, trust the industry leader and experts, Rec Warehouse.


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