The Perfect Game – Stephen Paul

Apr 04

The Perfect Game – Stephen Paul

This is the first book that I have read by Stephen Paul. (My younger brothers have ruined me for life with their opinions on guys with two first names.) Mr. Paul has a wonderful writing style.  The main character Kyle is a psychologist/professor who has recently divorced his wife due to her unfaithfulness. He decides the best way to get over her is to get under one of his hotter students. She suffers an unusual injury on the very night they were to possibly consummate their secret relationship. The harm caused to Allie (that girl) sends Kyle on a thrilling, sometimes mystifying adventure. The story has definite supernatural overtones. Friends, there will be energy transfers magically connected to the new ace pitcher’s starts for the New York Yankees. ( I kept picturing Mariano Rivera making psychic exchanges via chest bumps with Hank Steinbrenner. That is how the mind of a Tampa Bay Rays fan works, apparently.)

I could picture all of the characters vividly, especially the relationship between Kyle and his best friend Eddie. The dialogue between those two was perfection. I was also interested in some of the scientific explanations involving energy transfer. I had also never heard of hyperthymestic syndrome, and man I love to learn a new word. As the story unfolds, Kyle and Allie’s peculiar and often intuitive uncle Liam dig deep into a world filled with lethal and secret weapons that leave no trace behind.

I sincerely enjoyed this original story. I especially liked the sports connection, as I am a bit of an fan. Supernatural tales are not my first choice when I grab a book, but if that is your thing, this book was very well done.



Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free from Stephen Paul in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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