Paris Sandwich – Wright’s Gourmet House

Sep 05

Paris Sandwich – Wright’s Gourmet House

Well, Wright’s Gourmet House in Tampa is now officially my favorite sandwich place.  After golfing on a beautiful day, we headed over at around 2:00.  The place still had a very strong lunch crowd; I was impressed at the way the staff managed to clean and restock items even through the craziness.  I enjoyed Paris (in the Summer time)….a grilled sandy that I got on  buttercrust white bread.  This food from the Gods contains turkey breast, brie, fresh apple slices, and some kind of condiment goodness known as Pete Wright’s Mustard Sauce.  We also got sides of Greek Potato Salad and a very delicious Shrimp Pasta Salad (super fresh with an amazing sweet pickle kicker).

Wright’s also offers House Blended Iced Tea and a crazy selection of Bottled Beverages.  The dining room (tables are super close together) is decorated with cool American/French art; this is juxtaposed with a menu written on an old school chalkboard.  Wright’s is friendly, Wright’s is cool, Wright’s takes care of their customers, and most importantly….Wright’s has amazing food.  If you love sandwiches…..get yourself over to Tampa with a quickness.  A big thanks to the manager, Rob, for his extreme kindness.

Update: My new favorite sandwich at Wright’s is The Golden Gate: Roast pork, crisp bacon, Jarlsberg cheese, German dill pickle slices, lettuce,that famous mustard sauce, and peach chutney on a doubledecker of buttercrust white bread. Heaven.

Every once in a blue moon, I also get a hankering for an Egg Salad Sandwich.  Chopped Jarlsberg with hard-cooked eggs,  sweet red pepper and sweet pickles. Served on pumpernickel with mayonnaise.

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  1. Allison /

    That sounds delightful. I can’t wait for another trip to Florida. We can go on a sandwich tour.

  2. Alex W /

    I thought you were going to go off on a little limerick… Wright’s is friendly, Wright’s is cool, Wright’s will give good sandwiches to you!

  3. admin /

    It was delightful!! You can come over any time, Al. Alex….I may hire you for your limerick skills!! Guest writer!!

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