Paris Ham & Aged Gruyere – Le Pain Quotidien

Nov 05

Paris Ham & Aged Gruyere – Le Pain Quotidien

When is a sandwich more than just a quick lunch?  When you order this tasty tartine at Le Pain Quotidien before hitting up the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I learned a great deal this magical Friday in New York City.  My smarty boyfriend informed me that the English Translation for this restaurant is “The Daily Bread”.  I also learned that a tartine is a delightful open faced sandwich with fancy pants ingredients.  I also learned that you can have hours of entertainment by saying “Le Pain Quotidien” in a horrible French accent.  My tartine came with the aforementioned ham and cheese, a trio of mustards, a chunk of canteloupe, and little bits and pieces of fresh veggies.  We ordered the mint lemonade (too sweet) and the Chamomile Mint Iced Tea (perfection).  If you ever pass by this restaurant (currently a chain in 7 states) do yourself a favor:  dip in and enjoy a light, fresh, international lunch.

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