Aug 01


I like to read at least one story by William Shakespeare every summer. I go with the alternating comedy/tragedy format. I was vaguely familiar with the story outline. After reading it, the details broke my heart a little bit. Othello is an African soldier in Venice. He has been on many great adventures. He tells his tales to Desdemona. She is fascinated by him and they marry. Enter the punk called Iago. Iago is Othello’s servant/friend. He is also insanely jealous of the success and marriage of Othello. Iago weaves a deadly web of deceit that begins with him telling Desdemona’s super racist Dad about her secret marriage to the Moor.  Iago’s duplicity continues as he slowly but surely convinces Othello that Desdemona is stepping out on him with a fellow named Cassio.  None of this ends well.  As always, I enjoyed the story for the beauty of Shakespeare’s words……but ended up feeling awful after reading them, as is the case with all great tragedies.  Bring on the comedy, next summer!!


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