Ordinary Grace – William Kent Krueger

Jul 17

Ordinary Grace – William Kent Krueger

I enjoyed this snapshot of an epic summer in a boy’s life by William Kent Krueger. The year is 1961 and 13-year old Frank and his brother Jake have the most eventful season of their young lives. The two boys expect to spend the summer watching television, cheering for the Twins, swimming, playing baseball, and avoiding their dramatic mother and their Methodist minister father. Instead, their summer is plagued by death in many forms. The author brilliantly portrays each character, and I felt like I got a true snapshot of the decade.

The book explores the growing pains of young adulthood, the grace of God, unexpected tragedy, and small town living in the sixties. Frank relates this very personal story to the reader forty years after the events that occurred that momentous year.

The story is at times sweet, often disturbing, but overall the qualities of love, faith, and hope prevail.



  1. Did you find this to be a departure from his Cork O’Connor series, or are there common elements?

    • Sandwich Gal /

      This was actually the first book I have read by this author. I am an infamous book hoarder, I’m not even sure where I got this book. Is that series worth reading?

      • It all depends on your taste. It is a whodunit series about a guy who used to be a small town police chief who was raised in a native American reservation. The plots are imaginative and varied, and they involve his lawyer wife and teenage kids. Being a thriller fan I didn’t think I was going to like it. But I got hooked and read it all. It has a lot of interesting things about the Ojibwa (Anishinabe or Chippewa). I’ve read it all. Several of them I was able to read in one night. I have a book review blog like yours, but somehow I’ve never reviewed Krueger’s series. I call it my “comfort” series. After a tough one like The Revenant, I take refuge in something I know I’m going to enjoy at bed time. Just my ten-cents worth.

        • Sandwich Gal /

          That actually sounds good. I’ll see if they have some digital copies at the library. Thanks for sharing, I am always on the look-out for a new series. You should review Krueger’s books on your blog!

          • I just noticed I hadn’t. I’m considering doing a series review like I did for Hunger Games and for Greyson’s detective series. I see you read digital too. I love the smell of print books but I read so much I’d go bankrupt! LOL I wish you much success with your writing.

          • Sandwich Gal /

            Oh, me too! I usually go about 50/50 on digital vs. physical books. I just told my husband yesterday that I have read 38 books digitally from the library this year! Same to you, Sir, best of luck in your writing endeavors.

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