Open – Andre Agassi

Apr 02

This book is the “autobiography” of Andre Agassi.  I use the quotes because it was actually written by J.R. Moehringer.  Andre tells us the story of his rise to tennis superstardom.  The journey began with violent and pushy father who will accept nothing less than perfection.  The recurring theme throughout the book is that Mr. Agassi HATES tennis.  This begins with the torturous practices required by his Dad when he was 7, continues through a Floridian tennis boot camp while in his teens, and follows him throughout his storied career.  It must be difficult to hate somethings so passionately…and excel at it at the same time.   It was interesting to read about all of the backstage drama about famous tennis stars (Jimmy Connors sounds like a real douche) and to read about the great rivalry with Pete Sampras.  Andre Agassi recounts all of the great matches with extraordinary detail.  As I am not a big tennis fan, some of these parts were a bit dry for me.  Reading about Mr. Agassi’s personal life was a whole different story.  A story called soap opera goodness.  Drugs!  Marriage to an actress!  A seemingly destined marriage to a tennis icon! Kids! Drunkfests!  This book fit in perfectly with my Spring Break.

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