One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories – B.J. Novak

Sep 04

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories – B.J. Novak

I had some seriously high expectations for this collection of short stories by B.J. Novak. I was indeed entertained, but the laugh-out-loud moments were few and far between.

My brief introduction to Mr. Novak’s previous body of work was through his appearances on The Office, Inglourious Basterds, and Saving Mr. Banks. (I enjoyed each one of these projects quite a bit.)

My favorite story was Julie and the Warlord, about a first date. The discussion the two have regarding flourless chocolate cake is priceless. Some “stories” were mere sentences long, such as Marie’s Stupid Boyfriend. The vignette about The Man Who Invented the Calendar was full of me saying, “Ah, good one”, but again not laughing riotously. I will also now start using the phrase, “What’s the dinky-donk, (expletive)?” when addressing my peeps, as found in One of These Days, We Have to Do Something About Willie. I am pretty sure that phrase alone makes the book worthy of my time.

Mr. Novak’s writing is clever and thought provoking at best, obscure and monotonous at its worst. This is a perfect book to read when you are actively reading other books, and your brain needs a quick short story as sort of a palate cleanser for your noggin.

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