NY Strip Sirloin Steak Sandwich – Georgia Dome

Jan 09

NY Strip Sirloin Steak Sandwich – Georgia Dome

One of my goals in life is to see all of the NFL stadiums across this great nation. After a holiday trip to Atlanta, I can check the Georgia Dome off of my list. We ventured from our hotel in downtown (the Hyatt Place) on the final Sunday of the regular season. “Hotlanta” was decidedly cold on this windy day.

After sampling a plethora of fun activities outside of the stadium (Spencer won hand sanitizer playing Plinko, which is pretty much a dream scenario) we made our way indoors. One of the first things I noticed was a wall of helmets, ostensibly representing the colleges of the players on the Falcons. My eyes immediately found the gold and blue of Montana State University. I knew this was a harbinger for a great game!

The World’s Sweetest Husband got a dog with the requisite Vidalia onion relish.

There were several food vendors. The weight of a sandwich decision was upon me. The delightfully southern aromas coming from the Chops Clubhouse stand made my choice easy. New York strip sirloin, Chops steak sauce, crispy shoestring onions, all atop a butter toasted potato bun. It was my favorite kind of new sandwich; the ingredients were few, but they were done to perfection and they melded together in perfect sandwich harmony. It was simply amazing.

After that savory bliss, we sampled a few southern sweet treats.

Beer ice cream and candied pecans. When in Rome.

We witnessed the final game of future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez. We watched the Falcons end their injury riddled season with a fall to the Carolina Panthers in a tight game, 21-20. For this sports loving, sandwich eating, lucky wife, this day was just about as good as it gets.




Random side note for my book loving fans: I was emailing my local librarian at one point during the game, begging her to help me download a book from the road, as I had forgotten my library card. Let your geek flag fly. You can see the fruits of that labor here: http://sandbookwich.com/ocean-end-lane/



  1. I like football but I love baseball and dream of a time I can afford to visit stadiums on a massive summer road trip. The sirloin sandwich looked awesome.

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    It really was delicious, Cindy. I figure sports is as good of a reason as any to see the world. My mom and stepdad have actually seen all of the MLB stadiums except for the 2 in NY and Toronto. So cool.

  3. Beer ice cream?! I want this in my life. I have always wanted to visit all the baseball stadiums in the country, someday. I hope you get to see all the football ones!

  4. Sandwich Gal /

    That beer ice cream was fun to try, but a little bitter for a sweet treat!! I hope you get to see all of the MLB stadiums! It would be fun to have enough bank to follow the Rays for a whole season.

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