Nutshell – Ian McEwan

Oct 03

Nutshell – Ian McEwan

I loved Ian McEwan‘s book Atonement. I also thought that the movie version was a good representation of the book. So, I downloaded Nutshell from the local library based on the author alone. I had heard nothing about the story; sometimes it is a great feeling to delve into a book completely blind.

Trudy, a beautiful housewife, is in the midst of a grand affair. Sadly, that romance is not with her husband. Even more shocking, she is cheating on her spouse, John, with someone very close to him, a dolt named Claude. (That is a perfect name for this character.) Trudy and Claude plot to rid themselves of John. Their plan is even more shocking because Trudy is nine months pregnant with John’s child.

Don’t worry, there is a witness to these secret planning sessions and trysts.

The baby.

The baby is a very adept story teller, thanks to his mother actively listening to various podcasts. Through exposure to news, inference, and other educational media, the baby knows what is up with the world and with his mother. The story has fifty shades of Hamlet, and it was an interesting concept, to be sure. There were actually a few laugh out loud moments as well. This book could have actually been a short story, so pick it up if you have an afternoon to kill.



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