No One Knows – J.T. Ellison

Apr 24

No One Knows – J.T. Ellison

This thriller by J.T. Ellison was my April selection from the Book of the Month club. No One Knows tries really, really hard to be the next Gone Girl, and it just misses the mark.

Aubrey and her husband Josh are on their way to a joint bachelor/bachelorette party when they get into a fender bender. They shake off minor injuries and push through the pain, like any good partier would. She makes it to the gal fun, but Josh never shows up.

Fast forward to five years later; Josh is declared legally dead, even though they never found a body. This sends Aubrey and various family members into a tailspin.

Ms. Ellison expertly weaves the past, present, and main characters’ viewpoints. Even though the story jumps from childhood to that fateful night to the present, it was easy to follow along. A few of the medical school descriptions and one particular meeting of two main characters was a bit on the weak sauce tip; but other than that the story unfolded in a cohesive manner.

The main problem here? I didn’t really like any of the characters. They were all 50 shades of shady. While this worked to keep this reader guessing, it didn’t exactly have me cheering for any one.

This book is perfect if you need an easy, exciting read at the beach this summer.

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