No Country For Old Men – Cormac McCarthy

Feb 27

Cormac McCarthy wrote this grisly tale about a drug deal gone awry and the three characters that have to deal with the consequences.  An old school sherriff (Bell), a regular Joe who happens upon the scene (Llewelyn), and a bonafide nut job with no conscience (Chigurh).  The story weaves through Texas and Mexico, leaving a body count at each turn.  The most disconcerting part of the story for me (besides the carnage) was that it was a book with NO QUOTATION MARKS.   Also, when people were speaking, in order for us to better understand the dialect, there were several instances of “could of” and “should of”….a personal peeve of mine.   Something inside of my teacher brain would not let that go.  The book raises some sound questions about the downfall of society.  Sherriff Bell was my favorite; he is from another generation and he often has a very straight forward opinion that reminds me of my father and grandfather.  Bell, speaking of his own father, states….”there was nothin to set a man’s mind at ease like wakin up in the morning and not havin to decide who you were.”  Great advice.  This may be the one case where I may actually like a movie better than the book; the story is excellent…..if I could just forget to be a teacher for one hot minute.


  1. Just about finished with this one. Graphic tale and written in a different way. Will have to see the movie and decide which is better. My youngest son sent this to me, said the characters reminded him of some of mine. McCarthy tells this tale in his own lingo, which to me is refreshing, not following the rules. You can tell I’m not a teacher or English major.

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    Let me know what you think of the movie. I also recommend reading The Road by this same author.


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