Murder On The Orient Express – Agatha Christie

Sep 15

Murder On The Orient Express – Agatha Christie

Oh, this book brought back so many lovely reading memories for me. My Gram was always a voracious reader. She was also one of my all-time favorite people. When I was a kid, I loved visiting her house and studying the stacks of books that were everywhere. She had many Agatha Christie novels. One summer I worked my way through a stack. I had always loved the Nancy Drew novels; reading Murder On The Orient Express was just taking that love of mysteries to a whole new level. It was probably way over my head at the time, but I loved all of the exotic names and places. (I cringe and laugh thinking about my 10-year old Montana self pronouncing ‘Hercule Poirot’.) I had a notebook that I took copious notes in; I wrote down the characters’ names and clues and a map of the train. I am fairly certain it was color coded.

The arrogant mustachioed detective Poirot boards a train crossing Europe. The train hits a snow drift and it is discovered…mon dieu!…that one of the passengers has been murdered. Poirot subsequently interviews the remaining passengers. Each person on the train is described in great detail, and Poirot never misses a trick. When assessing one fellow traveler, HP states, “The body-the cage-is everything of the most respectable-but through the bars, the wild animal looks out.”

The ending is fantastic, Agatha Christie was in a class all by herself. I cannot wait to see the movie this November, based on the preview Kenneth Branagh’s Hercule Poirot appears to be casting perfection.20170914_111453

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