Mr. Mercedes

Jan 10

Mr. Mercedes

Anyone who is a reader has those long-lost relationships with favorite authors. When I was in high school and college, I was a big Stephen King fan. I read so many of his books; Different Seasons even comes in at #2 on my all-time list, thanks in huge part to the novella entitled Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. top11I, like most readers are wont to do, moved on to other authors. Every 5 years or so, I jump back in and read another book by Mr. King. His cadence is familiar, it is like visiting with an old friend that you haven’t seen for years. In the case of Mr. Mercedes, I was painfully reminded of why I don’t hang out with him on the daily tip anymore.

The title refers to Brady, a first-class sicko who decides to mow down a bunch of innocent folks while driving a stolen Mercedes. The killer then begins to toy with a recently retired cop named Bill Hodges. Helping Det.-Ret. is Janey, a victim’s sister, and Jerome, an extremely likeable neighborhood high school student. As opposed to the creepy books of my youth, this is a straight up crime novel. The scariest part for me was learning the word “pederasty.” I felt like I was reading a story by James Patterson; it was fast moving, thrilling in parts, but this reader definitely saw where the train was heading the entire time.

Maybe Stephen King even misses the good old days, as he makes a reference to It when discussing a clown mask that Brady wore.


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