The Mothers – Brit Bennett

May 22

The Mothers – Brit Bennett

This is a wonderful debut novel by Brit Bennett. Her writing style has depth and a swift motion, and she depicts female characters with a deft hand.

The Mothers is set in modern day California. As with all great books, the story begins with a secret.

Nadia falls in love with Luke, a preacher’s son. As is often the case with young love, the course does not run smoothly. Nadia no longer has a mother to turn to, so she becomes enmeshed in her best friend Aubrey’s family. Aubrey has her own issues with the worst kind of mother, and she clings to Nadia’s friendship like a life preserver.

The story mostly follows the ups and extreme downs of Nadia. Many of Nadia’s moments are reported by a group of elders at the church. These Mothers gossip, judge, report, and pray.

Brit Bennett heartbreakingly describes the pains of our youth mapping the course of our future. The story is also an examination of what everyone wants: to be loved; by our parents, our friends, our community, and our spouse.


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