Mojo Pork Sliders

Sep 29

Mojo Pork Sliders

One great way to fight the rainy day blues of late: find a new restaurant to enjoy. Blowfish Bar and Grill fit that bill perfectly on a recent Saturday night. (One of the owners is the bassist from Hootie and the Blowfish.) This “Rock and Roll Sports Bar” perfectly harmonizes the two. The venue is spacious and decorated with music accents (my favorite is the arch of drums you walk through at the entrance) and several great tvs for your game viewing needs. Blowfish also has live bands for your listening pleasure.
You all know I love sandwiches. I also love, love, love music. There is always a soundtrack playing in my mind, no matter what is going on. I also love any sort of word game or play on words. Imagine my happy when I checked out the drink list: all cocktails are cleverly named song titles. I chose the “Cumbersome”: Tanqueray, tonic, simple syrup, lime juice and cucumber slices. Get it!? Also: what ever happened to Seven Mary Three?? Other notable drinks: Sabotage and Even Flow. The titles are distinctly early to mid-nineties.

The appetizer we had was amazing. The title was a bit confusing (Portobello Mushroom Fries-not fries at all) but the taste was incredible. Deep fried Panko encrusted sliced portobello mushroom caps then dusted with Parmasean cheese served with homemade spicy chili tomato sauce. I could have eaten a boatload of these.

The World’s Sweetest Husband ordered the Smokestack Lightening BBQ Chicken: Boneless chicken breast smothered in homemade mustard-based BBQ sauce. That sauce was so packed with flavor, and the chicken was moist and perfectly cooked. For his sides, Spencer chose a Caesar Salad (always!) and some tasty, crispy Sweet Potato Waffle Fries.

The headliner of this particular meal were the Mojo Pork Sliders.  Pulled pork sliders topped with orange jerk caramelized onions and homemade gorgonzola cheese. That cheese sauce was heavenly. I wanted a bowl of it to dip every food ever into. After eating these, I am tempted to go on an all-slider diet. They were that good.

Our only issue of the day was timing based. We had barely touched our salads when our attentive and very nice waiter brought our entrees. My eating style? I like to go salad first, then entree. My delicious sliders were a bit cool by the time I got over there to eat them.

Side salad with Honey Mustard dressing

Blowfish is definitely a bar, but the food is not your normal bar fare. I definitely recommend this place to all of you who love sports, music, and elevated bar food. As for those Sliders? I only want to be with you. (I had to do it!!!)


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  1. Our experience was mixed when we went. We loved the fried portabello “fries”, my meal was the “build your own pasta” with cajun cream sauce and salmon….really freaking good. My Husband ordered the Jumbalya and didn’t really like it because it tasted ketchup based and NOT AT ALL SPICY. It was weird. We had Cumbersome and Come as You Are and didn’t care for them.

    I saw Seven Mary Three about 2-3 years-ish ago at Hard Rock!! It is actually on my blog:

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    Oh man…jambalaya MUST bring it with the spice. I am a sucker for any form of Gin and Tonic.
    Your review is great…I need to get back over to the Hard Rock soon!!

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