The Mistletoe Murder – P.D. James

Nov 30

The Mistletoe Murder – P.D. James

This is perhaps not the spirit of Christmas that you are seeking. This book by P.D. James is a collection of short stories featuring Christmas and murder. There are four quick tales, so this was an enjoyable afternoon. The mysteries are definitely in the style of Agatha ChristieI have always been a big fan of her work, so this was entertaining for me. The most disturbing and well done story was A Very Commonplace Murder. I bent my husband’s ear telling him about that one. There were all of the necessary twists and turns, a few unexpected surprises, and of course a neat wrap up for each mystery.

On a side note, I am reading at a frenetic pace. We have two vacations planned in December; I am trying to hit that hundo for the first time ever. This book clocks in at #95, so I should make it just in time. Be prepared for no/short new reviews over the coming holiday weeks.



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