Megan’s Munch – Wright’s Gourmet House

Jun 28

Well, I am just going to go ahead and move into Wright’s Gourmet House in Tampa.  It is hands down my new favorite sandwich place.  After a hard day of golfing, I headed over there to replenish the system.  Enter Megan’s Munch, one of my new favorites.  Served on amazingly fresh pumpernickel bread, it comes with red apple slices, raisins, Jarlsberg cheese, lettuce, and BACON…all topped off with Pete’s mustard sauce.  The random ingredients all worked perfectly together.  We also tried a grilled Luau.  This little bit of heaven was ham, fresh pineapple, Jarlsberg cheese, & Pete’s mustard sauce on buttercrust white bread.  The pineapple was so delicious and made the sandwich a hot mess to eat.  Golfing and Wright’s?  Count it as a perfect day.

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