How to Make the Most of Family Movie Night

May 19

How to Make the Most of Family Movie Night
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How to Make the Most of Family Movie Night

Close your eyes and imagine a darkly lit room full of strangers who annoyingly munch on their snacks and slurp up every last drop of their sugary beverage with no care or concern for the comfort or well being of those around them. Add in some rocking, yet exceedingly uncomfortable stadium seats, a ringing cell phone or two, a crying baby over your shoulder, and the unrequited need to go to the restroom, and you have essentially put yourself in a modern movie theater. You never know if someone is going to shout at the screen during a pivotal scene or if nature will urgently call you away from the movie for two to three minutes, only for you to discover you have missed a crucial moment in the movie’s plot when you return. Not to mention, the uncomfortable temperature which is not quite right and leaves you obnoxiously sweating or wishing for a cozy comforter.


Put on your favorite pajamas and be a homebody because a night in your pajamas is on the menu.

It is no wonder Americans are flocking to their couches and La-Z-Boy chairs, opting for binge-worthy Netflix episodes of Stranger Things or rewatching all seven seasons of Game of Thrones before considering a trek to their local theater. With the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward through any aspect of what you are watching coupled with the comfort of viewing newly released titles from your living room, at-home movie nights have become a sought after family pastime.

Embracing these relaxing, family-centric moments help to capitalize on fleeting moments when parents and children alike snuggle beneath a cozy blanket and enjoy a cinematic masterpiece for a couple of hours of bliss. Here are some tips to make the most of family movie night:

  1. Include mouthwatering munchies. Gone are the days when you could only select between popcorn, boxes of select hard candies, stale nachos, or a roller dog when you watched a movie. Instead, take a different approach and plan a menu around the movie’s theme, order some pizza and set up an indoor picnic, or be spontaneous and dial in a meal the whole family will enjoy with Uber Eats.
  2. Sip of something refreshing. The perfect way to top off any meal is with a refreshing beverage to wash it down. Whether you are interested in a beverage of the adult variety or something  which can be enjoyed by persons of all ages, refreshing drinks are a great addition to any movie night. Try something like a rootbeer float, a peach pie smoothie, or fresh squeezed  lemonade.
  3.  Be adventurous and come to a consensus. It can be challenging to find a movie which pleases everyone, so it may take some creative thinking or willingness to try things outside of your comfort zone. Take a leap and try something new. Plus, with rating systems built into many streaming platforms and more options than ever with movies being released to digital almost in conjunction with their theater release, the possibilities for entertainment are practically endless if you are open to new genres.

Close windows and doors to reduce any glare on the screen and silence phones to remove unnecessary distractions while the movie plays.


      4. Have a comfortable setup. Enjoying yourself begins with being comfortable, so some thought and preparation need to go into the space where you will be spending time as a family and watching movies. You need plenty of seating, a relaxed environment with a plethora of blankets and pillows to encourage everyone to stretch out and unwind, and of course, an excellent television. Make sure the T.V. is in an area where everyone can see and hear it; otherwise viewers will spend most of the movie distracted from what is happening on screen and trying to maneuver themselves into a better viewing position.

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