Lust for Life -Irving Stone

Dec 02

Lust for Life -Irving Stone

One of my many dreams is to have a Masters in Art History, so that I can know everything about art and spend my days kicking around museums. Thanks to the support of The World’s Greatest Husband, this semester I started making that dream a reality. I have always been fascinated by beautiful art; as I have no creative ability myself, I appreciate it on a heightened level. The Art History Gods smiled upon me and made my first class an entire semester on the brilliance of Vincent van Gogh. Lust for Life is the quintessential biographical novel of the artist, written in the mid 1930s. It is mostly historically accurate, yet written in a way that reads like a fast paced popular fiction tome. After all of my research this semester, it was nice to be able to glean the nuggets of truth from the instances of fiction for the story’s sake. This novel spoke to me on a human level; here is the story of a man who repeatedly failed in love and career, but persevered late in his life to pursue his dream of becoming a trailblazing artist.   Through bouts with mental illness, poverty, and extreme loneliness, van Gogh created distinct pieces of art that still speak to individuals today.  Parts of the story were cumbersome; the author dallied for way too long in The Borinage. Sections of the story cried out to my inner Art History geek; the scenes in Paris where van Gogh is hanging out with Seurat, Gauguin, and Toulouse-Lautrec were priceless. Even if you are not a big fan of biographies, Lust for Life is still a great read. True stories, even those somewhat enhanced like this one, can sometimes be far more intriguing than the latest best selling fiction book.

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  1. I have learned so much from you this semester! And you do have creative talent, showcased by this blog.


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