Lullaby – Chuck Palahniuk

Mar 15

Well, here we have another strange ride through the world of literature by Mr. Chuck Palahniuk.  This story focuses on a journalist who is doing research on SIDS.  Do not read this book if you are a mother.  Streator (the journalist) uncovers a culling song…a nifty little tune that can kill just by singing or thinking the lyrics.  Yikes.  Here ensues the struggle; what would you do if you had this immense power?  Use it for good (ie on pedophiles) or would you become a power hungry maniac?  Or, in one character’s case, would you use it on hot women and then practice necrophilia??  (Come on, it’s a Palahniuk…you knew there would be some weirdness.)  I guess every once in awhile I like to read something so different..I feel likes it shakes my brain, slaps it, and wakes me up a little bit.  Thanks Chuck!

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