Who Do You Love – Jennifer Weiner

Oct 19

Who Do You Love – Jennifer Weiner

Before downloading this book from the local library, I had read two books by author Jennifer Weiner. I loved Good in Bed, I was lukewarm about Best Friends Forever. Who Do You Love comes somewhere in the middle of those two for me.

Rachel and Andy have a very specific ‘How We Met’ story: they are both eight years old and in the hospital. If you know me at all, you know I love a good ‘How We Met’ story; I am endlessly fascinated by how couples met. As they grow up, the differences in their backgrounds become more pronounced. He is from Philly; she is a Florida gal. She is rich, he is not. He is athletic…she loves a good snack. Rachel loves the city, Andy could be happy in a small town. Opposites, apparently, sometimes do attract. They can also be a little annoying.

I like Ms. Weiner’s writing style; she is an expert at making the reader laugh and pulling at your heartstrings. With this story, you know where the train is heading the whole time; sometimes I just wanted this couple to get to their destination a little bit faster.



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