Loose Meat Pete – Pete & Shorty’s

Jun 02

Loose Meat Pete – Pete & Shorty’s

My Husband and I are admitted cinephiles.  After a recent morning showing of Star Trek Into Darkness (well worth the extra $ for the 3-D experience), we were in the Pinellas Park area and on the prowl for lunch.  I had always heard about Pete & Shorty’s, but had never boldly gone in before.   Pete & Shorty’s is your basic neighborhood bar, with a very friendly waitstaff.  They offer rum punch specials, lots of beer options, and use of their “Terlets”. (This made me laugh like a 12 year old boy for a good 5 minutes.)

Pete & Shorty’s boasts that they offer great burgers.  We were coming off a bad burger experience earlier in the week (the more I eat out, the more I find that it is really hard to find a well cooked burger!), so we both opted for sandwiches.

The Spouse went with the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. They “M.O.P.” this sandy with mustard, onion, and pickles.   They pound that meat super thin and fry it up in olive oil.   It was delicious.

I love a loose meat sandwich, so my choice was a no-brainer.   My crumbled and seasoned meat got the same M.O.P. treatment.  I opted for tater tots with mine, which were extremely tasty and opened the door for my Napoleon Dynamite impression.

The sweet waitress brought a to-go cup for my Diet Coke without me asking, and we dipped out of there for under $20.  When I get over the trauma, I just may have to head back there and try the burger.


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  1. Any time I can order a side of tots and I’m a happy kid :).

  2. That place sounds right up my alley! It might be worth a trip to Pinellas Park.

  3. Sandwich Gal /

    Fairly certain I could eat a bucket of tots!
    I want to go back and try a burger and trivia night. 🙂

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