Live to Tell – Lisa Gardner

Apr 26

Live to Tell – Lisa Gardner

I am a self-proclaimed book hoarder, and I have no idea where I got this book by Lisa Gardner. I must suffer from some sort of novel-grabbing black outs. The story consists of three masterfully interwoven tales: Detective D.D. Warren is apparently a recurring character in several of Gardner’s books. D.D. is a tough-as-nails, beautiful, and libidinous homicide detective for the Boston P.D. Danielle is a nurse who works with children in psychiatric ward. She is also the lone survivor of her entire family’s brutal murders 25 years prior to the story taking place. Victoria is a beaten down mother who is fighting desperately to raise her child. The three women are gripping characters. If you have kids, or you want to have kids, or you have ever seen a kid, the scenes involving severely mentally disturbed children were pretty graphic and horrifying. I could not relate to Victoria at all; you mothers out there let me know if you would sacrifice your entire family (husband and child) for the sake of one child. Not an easy question, to be sure, but mystifying to me. I appreciate the light being shown on mental illness; I have seen children with severe issues, and there is not a lot of help available to them. After a genuinely disturbing route that kept this reader guessing, the story came to a satisfying conclusion.

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