All The Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr

Apr 03

All The Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr

Although this book is not one of my favorite Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction, it was very well done. Anthony Doerr seamlessly flips from character to character, from time period to time period.

We meet and follow Marie-Laure (I can 100% guarantee I was mispronouncing that in my head the entire book) and her father in Paris, France, right before the WWII really gets going. She sadly loses her sight (not due to any war related incident) and she and her father flee to a relative’s home in Saint-Malo. The other main character is Werner; he is a highly intelligent orphan living in a coal mining town in Germany. He is recruited to go to a Hitler Youth school, and he moves up through the ranks there due to his radio skills. These two children’s lives will eventually collide.

It’s a heart breaker, as are most WWII stories. Each scene itself was beautifully told; the denouement was not enough to satisfy this reader after plodding along with these two for what seemed like endless pages at times.

The count: this is book 30/2017 and 22 on the all-time Pulitzer Prize for fiction list.



All the blue that we can actually see.


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