Lie to Me – J.T. Ellison

Oct 06

Lie to Me – J.T. Ellison

This is the second novel that I have read by J.T. Ellison. (The first was a Book of the Month Club selection, No One Knows.) Lie to Me was a much more wild ride, and I enjoyed this book quite a bit.


I love this painting at my in-laws’ house.

Ethan and Sutton are living the dream in a picturesque town in Tennessee. They are both accomplished writers, they recently renovated their dream home, they are gorgeous, and they attend fabulous parties and events. Sadly, due to some minor cracks in their marriage, one major traumatic life event sends this couple reeling. One morning, Ethan wakes up to find that Sutton is gone. She has left all of her earthly belongings, and a short note advising her husband to let her go.

When Sutton fails to contact her friends or other family members, the police become involved.

Is Ethan a murderer? Did Sutton really get fed up with her marriage and flee? Can we believe anything we read, as they are both authors and therefore professional liars?

This one is a page turner, folks. It will have you guessing right up until the end.

I am a big fan of Ms. Ellison after seeing her and Tess Gerritsen speak at the AJC Decatur Book Festival this past month. She was hilarious, charming, intelligent, and inspiring. Pick up this book with a quickness, you won’t be sorry. Or maybe you will, I might be lying too.


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