A Lawyer for All Stages of Love

Aug 01

A Lawyer for All Stages of Love

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A Lawyer for All Stages of Love


Be prepared to fall in love without worry. Have a trusted lawyer as your ally for all relationship matters from prenup to a living will.

A subtle glance from across the room, a quick whispered word, and then a heart when it skips a beat – how do you know when Cupid’s infamous arrow has stricken you? When is the exact moment love for another penetrates your heart, and you are suddenly smitten with grandiose notions of romance and love? How do you go from walking down the street holding hands and flirtatiously laughing with one another to dating and then engagement pictures and marriage? Not to mention the prospect of enjoying future years with children and then mapping out grey-haired retirement plans – all with one person who stole your heart so unexpectedly.

The age-old adage says, “opposites attract”.  It could be a gregarious personality full of witty stories and insightful conversation coupled with the shy and demure, over-analyzer who timidly approaches new people and experiences. Possibly the hypersensitive drama queen combined with the stoic and ever-resilient know-it-all. Regardless of which end of the spectrum an individual may fall, when two people choose to become romantically involved with one another and then align their lives as one in marriage or long-term partnership, their personalities are sure to come into conflict every once in awhile. If each person in the relationship appreciates and embraces their unique traits during the good times, the couple can acknowledge the potential for conflict and then more adequately prepare for future disagreements.

One way to address impending issues between partners is to seek the advice and guidance of an attorney before entering into the legal bond of marriage. An attorney can assess a couple’s financial assets as well as any other contributions, both current and potential, and then the lawyer draws a detailed legal blueprint as a contingency for the couple should the relationship or marriage dissolve. Stipulations regarding property, children, pets, automobiles, and any other cherished items are amicably discussed and apportioned appropriately without tension or hostility. This precautionary planning is known as a prenuptial agreement and spending the time and effort to come to a peaceful resolution before any potentially calamitous issues arise can expedite the divorce process and save endless amounts of time and money.

When you decide to tie the knot, it is also wise to discuss and draft a living will with a trusted attorney. A living will is a document outlining your wishes for property and asset disbursement postmortem. If you or your partner pass prematurely it would indicate to the surviving family or friends how you want to pass down with guardianship rights, real estate, and assets of monetary or sentimental value. Additionally, you can make funeral arrangements and spell out all your final wishes.




When a family grows by two little hands and two tiny feet, it is a blessing. Make sure you are ready for your new bundle of joy by finalizing details of a living will.



A fundamental aspect of marriage is the mutual conscientiousness of your family’s growth. If children are in your family’s plans, either through adoption, natural birth, or with the help of modern medicine, you can formalize all your parental decisions with a lawyer. In situations involving guardianship and adoption, a family lawyer walks you step-by-step through the legal process ensuring the child is properly placed with a loving and caring family.

When you finally meet the person you are meant to marry, emotions can cloud judgment, so consulting an attorney to assist you through all of love’s ups and downs can add some much-needed formality to the situation. If you are in the throes of love, it is never too late to seek legal counsel. Just like in a marriage, you should always speak with a lawyer who you trust and find someone who not only knows the law but someone who demonstrates integrity and a high-standard of personal and professional ethics.

You should consult someone like Jody L. Sellers, esquire and owner of The Sellers Law Firm.


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Mr. Jody Sellers, a high-ranking graduate of the University of Georgia and subsequently Mercer University, Walter F. George School of Law, is in good standing with the Georgia Bar Association. He has the legal aptitude and to navigate litigations, negotiations, and arbitrations.

If it is true that, “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage,” then make sure a lawyer is also in the love equation. Consider seeking the guidance and legal advice of The Sellers Law Firm to help you navigate each step of your relationship.


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