Landline – Rainbow Rowell

Mar 28

Landline – Rainbow Rowell

I enjoyed this quick read by Rainbow Rowell. However, I didn’t adore it like I did Eleanor & Park.

Georgie McCool (you know you wish you had that particular name) is a comedy writer for a hit television series in Los Angeles. She is wife to Neal, mother to Alice and Noomi, and best friend to her writing partner Seth. She is pushing forty, mired in the day to day, focused on her kids and her job and she loses sight of her husband. They have a bit of a fight, and he takes off with the girls to his hometown, Omaha, leaving Georgie to write away over the Christmas break.

I enjoyed Georgie’s reminiscence of when she and Neal first fell in love. Although, truth be told, Neal seemed like a bit of a douche with a touch of Napoleon complex. So, I wasn’t really cheering for him. Or her. Or them together. I loved the Georgie that Neal saw and fell in love with in his early twenties; the Georgie of now is much less likeable. She’s tired, she’s unkempt, she is not there for Neal in any real way. There is an interesting mystical, romantic twist, but it wasn’t enough to make this book great.

I would definitely read another book by this author; I have heard good things about Fangirl.

What’s on your reading list for April?


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