Korres Guava Lip Butter

Jan 11

I use this fantastic lip balm at night.  It is not greasy or waxy and it makes me feel like I am fighting the good fight against wintery chapped evil lips.  Where did I pick this up at??  Hmmm…let me think…Oh yeah at a little place I like to call Sephora.


  1. Allison /

    I also purchased this fine product. (At the local Sephora…online, that is.) Due to the fact that I, indeed, live in tundra country. But I really do. Wintery chaps, my ass. Love your blog.

  2. admin /

    Thanks Alli…

  3. I always have chapped lips. ALWAYS. I would love to find something that would cure me, but I’ve tried one billion chapsticks and I can’t ever find one that works. Maybe this stuff will work. I’m willing to give it a shot!!

  4. Alex W /

    I gave it a shot! It’s fantastic. Pomegranate color for me, but it’s great. Not only did this solve my problem with chapped lips, but also solved another problem I’ve been having with lipsticks/lipstains! It’s feels like a gloss/chapstick hybrid and gives you the color you need with a face full of products.
    Great blog!!

  5. admin /

    Thanks Alex!! I am so glad it worked for you…

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