Killer View

Jan 25

This book is by Ridley Pearson.  The writer really paints a picture of the landscape and coldness of Idaho…I felt cold while reading this book.  I am from Montana, I know me some cold.  The thriller kicks off with a missing skier, a sniper attack, and the horrible sexual assault on a bridesmaid.  The first two occurences  are tied together nicely later in the story; the third not so much.  Mr. Pearson also starts off sections of the book by announcing the day of the week.  This was unnecessary; I can’t figure out it is now Monday?  The author stops this in the middle of the book…maybe he pieced it together as well.  The story was mostly well thought out and I liked the main character, although some of his reactions (ie to losing his children for a few weeks) seemed to not ring  true.  This was a decent story, probably won’t be knocking off any bookstores to try and get my hands on another book by this author.

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