JJ’s Pile Up – Kahuna’a Bar & Grill

Feb 10

This sandwich from the fine folks at Kahuna’s is what I like to call a sandwich of destiny.  I wasn’t looking for it, but it found it’s way into my mouth and made me very happy.  Kahuna’s has a laid back sports vibe type of place.  I used to go there back in the day and play sand volleyball. (Sadly, the area is now pavement and condos.)  This sandwich epitomizes what I like to call a hot mess.  It is delivered very simply in a basket with a side of fries and pickles.  JJ’s is served on sourdough white bread and piled high with capocolla, salami, ham, cole slaw, melted jack, tomatoes, and…..wait for it….FRIES.  On the sandwich.  I don’t know who this JJ genius is but I may kiss him or her on the mouth.  This one shoots right up to my Top Ten all time list.  As a side note, I believe I may have lost a game of trivia due to a sandwich induced wave of euphoria.


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