Italian Sub – Land & Sea Emporium – Miami

Feb 21

Italian Sub – Land & Sea Emporium – Miami

When a gal heads to Miami for one quick weekend, there is just not enough time for all of the great sandwiches that city has to offer. After enjoying a fancy-pants Peruvian dinner Friday night at Costazul (amazing), we were up early Saturday with several goals in mind:

*New Phone:  Mine was pushing that super slow and obsolete 19 month mark.

*Sandwich:  Just like every other day.

*Museum:  So many to choose from and I dig the Art History.

*Hoops:  See the Wood Street Grill post for the Tar Heelian spanking.  

*Birthday Dinner:  I would end this season of my birth with a grand total of 6 celebratory dinners.  Spoiled.

*Movies :  Just like Michael Bolton via The Lonely Island….I’m a cinephile.

I got to the Sprint store just as it was opening.  The guys at the store were helpful and hilarious.  After getting the phone (check!), we were running a bit late.  We asked the employees at Sprint if they knew a local sandy spot that was close by.  They grabbed us a menu and pointed us toward the Land & Sea Emporium.  I shall forever be grateful to those fellas.  It is basically a butcher shop with a few tables scattered outside at a strip mall…..but OhEmGee the sandys.  The Husband took one look at a picture of the ForgetaboutaPhilly hot sub and his decision was made easy.  Ribeye steak and Picante Provolone topped with grilled onions, peppers, and mushrooms on the freshest of bread.  It did not look like the picture at all, but it was yummy just the same.


I decided to go with the Italian Sub.  Boar’s Head Bianco D’Oro Italian Dry Salami, Ham, Provolone, garlic and herb vinaigrette, all on a freshly baked sub roll.  I added some veggies and, per the suggestion of  Sprint Guy #2, the “Bistro Sauce” which was tangy, creamy, and finger-licking good.




I got a half sandwich which was enormous and a steal at $3.99 for the quality of ingredients and the memorable taste (check!).   We completed our day with a trip to The Lowe Art Museum (incredible collection for a college campus-check!), the aforementioned basketball (womp-womp, check), Birthday dinner at Texas De Brazil (Churrascaria check!) and a visit to Cinebistro for one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, Silver Linings Playbook (Oscar check!).

Thanks to that phone store and that deli for playing their  parts in my idea of a perfect day.






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