In the Bin – Lloyd Freeberg

Jan 06

This is an older book (1998) by lucky man Lloyd Freeberg.  He is a one time attorney who is fortunate enough to get paid for being an Off-Ice Official for the NHL’s  Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.  He tells stories from his time spent as an Official in the Penalty Box & as a Goal Judge.  Mr. Freeberg has a quick wit and a decidedly humorous way of telling the tales from the big boys’ time out box.  (As I was reading this, I kept hearing the movie Slap Shots in my brain…”You go to the box. Two minutes by yourself and… you feel shame. You know… and then you get free.”)  I loved all of the behind the scenes views from the Ducks inaugural season.  Who knew they had a singing “Iceman” for one magical game?  He was booed out of the arena…the author states: “…and as quickly as the Iceman had cometh, he wenteth..”.  Hilarious.  There was also a quick chapter entitled “Duck Tales”.  Anyone who knows me knows that I hate mascots.  Reading about “Wild Wing” nearly being set on fire and being dangled from the rafters for nearly an entire pregame (Freeberg goes with “suspended animation” at this point 🙂 )had me in stitches.  The book is also peppered with great photos and “Penalty Box” stats.  Everyone from The Great One to Super Mario is represented here.  The author possesses a great deal of hockey knowledge; I personally loved the story about the inception of the Zamboni in 1939.  I wish there were a few more stories from “The Box”; the chapters on being a Goal Judge were not nearly as entertaining.  I would have also liked some actual swear words…I consider myself a bit of a cursing aficionado;
I don’t need your #@&(*!* censorship, sir.   If you love hockey this is a quick, easy, & very entertaining read.  Go Bolts.

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