I Am America (and So Can You!) – Stephen Colbert

Aug 20

Oh, Stephen Colbert, even the title of your book cracks me up.  Do not read this book if you are easily offended.  If you watch his show on Comedy Central and “get” it, you will love this book.  He gives advice on everything from raising children (“Arbitrary rules teach kids discipline-wash your hands before talking to strangers), to religion (there is a “Jesus Train” Timetable), to sports (Nothing puts hair on your chest like shame), to dating (Open doors, pull out chairs, offer to undo your own belt), to a chart on things that are trying to “turn him gay”.  I read most of this book out by the pool; more than once I embarassed myself by laughing out loud.  The book was also full of little surprises that appealed to my inner dork….an attached ribbon for a bookmark, stickers, hilarious flowcharts and diagrams, and several fantastic pictures of Mr. Colbert.  If you can take a joke, this book definitely gets my recommendation.

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