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Jan 17

Today is what I like to call a “Gravy Day”…I wasn’t expecting or planning on a great sandwich, but a delicious one found it’s way into my mouth.  I was shopping at a complex close to my house when I stumbled upon Pita’s Republic.  I have always dreamed of living close to a yummy pita place; whenever I go home to Bozeman, Montana, the Pita Pit is a must-stop.  I have never really found such a place in St. Petersburg, Florida….until this magical Monday! The restaurant is located at 10354 Roosevelt Boulevard in St. Pete.  It is clean and simple and the 2 gentelmen working today were super friendly and helpful.  I went with the Hummus-n-Falafel Pita…it was loaded with cucumbers, tomatoes, banana & green peppers, & lettuce.  It also came with a delicious cucumber yogurt sauce.  This thing was huge, tasty, and cost just $5.    The restaurant advertises that everything on the menu is a “fusion of flavors where a little bit of Mediterranean magic is in every recipe.”   When I got home with my pita I also discovered that those fine fellows had also thrown in a free piece of Baklava….. Sold!  Like Martin Luther King, Jr. I , too, have a dream.  Today that dream of sandwich goodness was fulfilled by the fine folks at Pita’s Republic.
Update: I have eaten countless delicious pitas here over the last few years. Another one of my favorites is the Avocado Chicken Pita. So fantastic!!! And yesterday was the 50th anniversary of that famous speech. I like that kind of symmetry.

**Update***I have since found a Pita Pit in Tampa, thank goodness. 🙂
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