House of Sand and Fog – Andre Dubus III

Aug 01

This story by Andre Dubus III was phenomenal…..and super depressing.  The story follows two main characters who couldn’t lead more different lives.  Kathy is kind of a born loser; bouts with rehab, a husband who ditched her, definitely the black sheep of her family.  The one thing she has going for her is a house that her dad left to her.  Enter Colonel Behrani, once a powerful and well respected man in Iran, now works construction and at a convenience store trying to provide for his family.  Their worlds collide when Kathy’s house goes up for auction due to an unpaid tax bill.  Behrani sees her house as a bargain buy that he can flip in year and get his family back to living at the status they are accustomed to.  A sympathetic cop who evicts Kathy ends up falling for her and tries to help her regain her home.  Language and cultural barriers contribute to the tragedy that ensues.  At certain points of the story I was pulling for her; a few chapters later I was pulling for him.  This tale covers all of the shades of gray in the human condition.


  1. Alicia /

    I LOVED this book. The author did an amazing job of showing the struggles that immigrants face when coming to America, especially this family who left a life of privilege to “follow their dream”. It is truly sad but wonderfully written.

  2. admin /

    So good. Thanks again for all of the books, I think I am finished with your stack!! Well done. 🙂

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