Hate Mail from Cheerleaders – Rick Reilly

Nov 10

I stole this book by Rick Reilly (of Sports Illustrated fame) from my friend Stacy.  This tome is a compilation of 100 of his stories from the past few years.  Each “chapter” runs about 3 pages….so it was a quick read.  I laughed: The story titled “Canada’s Goose is Cooked” where Mr. Reilly is going off on Canadians for booing the U.S. national anthem…I quote, ” Bubba, you peed on the wrong leg”.   I cried like a giant baby: The story titled “Making Up for Lost Time”…About a father who lost his son and his best golfing buddy in a tragic motorcycle accident.  Or the story “Worth the Wait” about a kid with cerebral palsy who competes for the Cross Country team…even though he falls down a million times, he picks himself back up and always finishes the race…with other kids running with him and the crowd cheering him on.    Mr. Reilly also says exactly what he feels.  Like in the story “White like Me”..where he tackles the taboo topic of it apparently being ok to rip on people….for the color of their skin.  Or to make slurs about it..and that being par for the course.  The author also has a million great sports slams.  If you love sports, and, more importantly, the human side of sports, I definitely recommend  this book.

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