Hard Work – Roy Williams

Mar 01

Hard Work – Roy Williams

This fine piece of work is by Coach Roy Williams with Tim Crothers.  Coach Williams is the coach of the UNC Tar Heels (greatest team ever) and was a long time coach at Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk, that one’s for you Casey).  I sincerely enjoyed reading about Coach’s small town start in life.  He didn’t have much, but a guy can always work hard and shoot for the stars.  I loved reading about his time at Carolina in the early days with Dean Smith and Michael Jordan.  I also loved reliving the championship seasons through the coach’s eyes..I watched every one of the games he talked about and even attended one in Tampa at the ACC tournament.   This book is not as great as A Coach’s Life by Dean Smith.  (I called that particular book the “Bible” for about a year after reading it.)  Roy Williams is very straight forward and very southern…there is way more than one “dadgum” thrown around in this book.  Shoot, a monkey could write a book about  anything Tar Heelian in nature and I would think it was great.


  1. I enjoyed this book especially the straight forward manner of Coach Williams. Loved when he was at Kansas sorry to see him leave, but I understand completely. Good Man and yes hard work can do wonders.

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    That was a huge move on Carolina’s part? Remember when he was still with Kansas, and they asked him about the UNC coaching position, and he replied, “I could give a $h!t about North Carolina!” That still makes me laugh.

    • Didn’t realize he had said that… Bad to say anything sometimes when the media is listening to every word.. Yep that makes me laugh too.

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