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Malbec- Kris Veneto, Italy

A gracious invite from Tampa Bay Bloggers afforded me the opportunity to try out some of the delicious Italian fare at the new location of Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria at Westshore Mall in Tampa. My Sweet Husband loves the pizza almost as much as I dig my sandwiches, so I am sort of turning into a pizza snob by association. Luckily for me (and for you!) Grimaldi’s is quality pizza goodness. The menu is concise and done really well with top-notch ingredients.

We were offered three salads. The Mediterranean was my favorite: Romaine Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Feta Cheese, Red Onion, Vinaigrette Dressing.

I also enjoyed the Antipasto: Fresh Mozzarella, Oven Roasted Sweet Red Peppers, Genoa Salami, Olives and Fresh Baked Bread. The Mozzarella is hand-made and is a cut above the rest.

I made a sandwich!

San Marzano tomatoes from Italy as a sauce base? I am down with that, all day.

Pepperoni and Cheese

Another Grimaldi’s pizza secret? It is in the water. Apparently, the quality of the dough owes a lot to its New York origins. Great lengths are taken to ensure that specific water is used in each recipe. I am no scientist, but that dough is fantastic.  It is the perfect texture, thickness, and consistency.

White pizza=Garlicky heaven

Pesto (made without nuts) and packed with flavor. Throw in artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes? Perfection.

I was starting to slip into a pizza-induced coma at this point. I did not give up as the next pie was a special of the month and a beloved flavor profile of mine: Buffalo Chicken. It was spicy and packed a punch, it was the best offering of the night in a hard fought competition.

I was trying to maintain my game face in front of my new blogger acquaintances. How could I possibly sample dessert? I couldn’t do it. Or could I?!




I forgot any sense of good manners and shoveled a good portion of that cheesecake into my face. I am not proud of it, nor would I change my actions one bit.

I loved it so much, a mere five days later I went back with my pizza loving spouse. We ordered a delightfully tangy Caesar Salad. Many thanks to the waiter, who informed us that the small is big enough to share.

We went for the large pizza with meatballs and ricotta. This is just about as good as a pizza can get.

I thought I was too full, but the Butterscotch Toffee Cheesecake proved me wrong. I had been thinking about this delicious combination since the blogger dinner, and it was worth the wait.

That sweet husband’s only complaint? No bread sticks are offered. Other than that, we love this place. We will be back again….and again.
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  1. Mmm, I may have to order the ricotta and meatballs next time! I can’t decide if the night we went, if I enjpyed the Buffalo Chicken, or Pesto more. Great to finally have met you!

  2. The white pizza looks AMAZING!

  3. Sandwich Gal /

    Nichole-so great to meet you!! The meatballs and ricotta were outstanding toppings. Amber-you would love that cheesecake for sure! Happy Thanksgiving ladies!!

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