Grilled Wild Salmon BLT

Aug 18

Grilled Wild Salmon BLT

At the start of every school year, O’Bistro  (6661 Central Ave.,St. Petersburg, FL 33710) is a must for all of the teachers at my school.  The place has a nice ambience; we like to treat ourselves because we know for the next 10 months lunch will consist of shoveling in yogurt while trying to simultaneously call parents and go to the bathroom during our “break”.  I have eaten at O’Bistro every summer for over 8 years; never have I had a bad meal.  I decided to try this sandwich, having recently become a fan of salmon and being a life long lover of bacon.  This sandy boasts grilled wild salmon, apple wood smoked bacon, red leaf lettuce, tomatoes and a dill aioli that I wanted to go ahead and drink and then bathe in.    That sauce was the star of this sandwich show.  We also tried the Grilled Eggplant, Portobello, and Boursin Panini.  The toppings here were roasted red peppers and pepporoncini relish.  My personal tastebuds do not enjoy the pepporoncini, but the rest of it was tasty.  The sides offered at O’Bistro are also on the classier level; we went with eggplant fries (served with a yummy marinara and fried to perfection) and one of my all time favorite soups, a tomato basil bisque with gorgonzola.   The prices are a little high for lunch, but the food is well worth it…….I have been twice this week and I may go for the trifecta on Friday.  Class starts Monday!!






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  1. That looks delish!!!!

  2. This site is making my tummy growl!!!! Keep up the good work. I’ll be down next summer!

  3. admin /

    I would love that, Jen. Next time I am home….Lunch Box Review!!

  4. Alicia /

    I’m really glad you took a picture of yourself eating the sandwich so that I know this review is legit!

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