Grilled Aged Cheddar – Three Birds Tavern

Nov 02

Grilled Aged Cheddar – Three Birds Tavern

In my book, a perfect Sunday would include great company, a yummy sandy, and a quality football game. The stars aligned for me this January at Three Birds Tavern in St. Petersburg. We went there per the suggestion of my brother Lance. He had instructed me to go and get the Frites with Parmesan Cheese and Truffle Oil. These fries did not disappoint. The menu offers everything from Chicken Fried Bacon to Scallops. I was in the mood for a Sandy, as always. Nothing says comfort food like a Grilled Cheese. After eating those finger licking fries, I was sure the Grilled Cheese would be amazing. I was correct. Aged Cheddar, Applewood Smoked Bacon, and Granny Smith Apple slices on Country White Bread…..I’ll take two! The cheese was super melty, the bacon crispy crunchy salty goodness, and the apples added that perfect tart crunch. The Best Boyfriend Ever went with the Lamb Burger…..ground Lamb, Feta, Tomatoes, Red Onion,and Cumin Aioli all on a Ciabatta Bun. While shoving all of this fantastic food in my face, I was chasing it with an ice cold Stella and watching Tim Jesus Tebow down the Steelers. Successful Sunday, indeed.

Originally posted January 2012

After a fun-filled Halloween day at the schoolhouse, I needed a kid-free environment and an adult beverage. Enter Three Birds and their (fairly) recently updated menu. The servers were all decked out in costumes, and the vibe was perfect. We settled in to catch up on our days (The World’s Smartest Husband just started a Primary Care rotation) and watch the USF/Houston game. Perfection. The Pumking was on special, and it hit the spot.



Football+Fall Beer+Husband=Happy


Those delicious parmesan fries are no longer on the menu. They have been replaced by the House Cut Fries served with  Truffle Oil Cheese Dip. Perfection in a bowl, these were outstanding.

My Sweet Husband was sort of obsessed with that Lamb Burger for awhile. I was a little shocked (and later extremely pleased) that he chose to go with the Avocado Chili Burger. A half pound of ground sirloin, fresh avocado slices, fried egg, Applewood smoked bacon, cilantro chili lime mayo & Tabasco sauce. This burger was one of the most flavorful I have ever had; the flavor profile was mind-altering.

I tried the Pork Belly and Blue Cheese Burger. A half pound of ground sirloin cooked to order (medium well for this gal), topped with crispy pork belly, blue cheese, mixed greens and tomato on a fresh Kaiser roll. It was a beast and one hot mess to eat.

We both got side salads and were completely stuffed. Three Birds also boasts live music on Friday and Saturday nights. I was completely happy with our orders and I would happily recommend this place to anyone who likes sports, a great burger, and a cold beer.


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