The Great Santini – Pat Conroy

Feb 16

The Great Santini – Pat Conroy

Well, I had been on a pretty good reading streak in 2017, in the the book-choice arena. That came to a screeching, Southern twangy halt with this story by Pat Conroy. I have enjoyed this author’s work in the past, so I quickly grabbed this title when it became available on my Goodreads deals.

That was a terrible decision.

The Great Santini refers to one Bull Meecham. Bull is a tough-as-nails Marine fighter pilot. He treats his family the same way that he treats his subordinates at work: with discipline and abuse. His family is uprooted, as is often the case with military families, from Georgia to South Carolina. The four children try their best to adjust to their new surroundings, and try to avoid the fists of their father.

I absolutely hated the character of Bull. I also was caught grinding my teeth when his wife Lillian made excuse after excuse for his horrendous behavior. It was also cringe-worthy to read the racist rants and then there was a random rape that had no business being a part of the story. If you see this book, run in the opposite direction, soldier.

So, my streak ended here. Let us all hope a new run of great books are coming my way.




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