Good In Bed

Feb 03

This is the debut from Jennifer Weiner.  (Have I really read books by 2 separate authors in the last few months with that surname?  Random.)  The story focuses on Cannie, a bigger gal, who breaks up with her boyfriend.  Fastforward to him being hired by a Cosmo style mag and him writing an article about how she was in bed.  Mortifying.  I loved this story!  The main character was hilarious and so easy to relate to on many different levels.  She has a crazy family (don’t we all?) and childhood reasons for her hang ups.  I felt like I was reading about a good friend…with a very interesting and entertaining life!  I also cried.  But that may be on me, as I have been prone to crying jags as of late (impending birthday/Valentine’s Day weekend…my version of hell).    My favorite line from the book…”And that is the human condition, all of us lurching along in our own private miseries, because that’s the way it is.”  Seems sort of depressing, but that line comforted me and made me feel connected.  This was an ideal book….a means of escape for a few hours.


  1. Gena /

    I’ve read another one of her books, little earthquakes I think. Haven’t read this one yet but have heard good things about it. gonna have to add it to my summer reading list!

  2. alicia /

    Little Earthquakes is good. Not as good as “Good in Bed”, but enjoyable nonetheless!


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