The Good Girl – Mary Kubica

Nov 20

The Good Girl – Mary Kubica

I had previously read Mary Kubica‘s Pretty Baby and enjoyed it quite a bit. Last week I spied The Good Girl on the Barnes & Noble ‘Buy Two Get One Free’ table and I snapped it up with a quickness. The Doc has been studying for the boards in his ‘free’ time, so I grabbed my favorite coffee from Starbucks (venti skinny caramel macchiato, in case you would like to bring me one some day) and settled in for another thrilling ride by this author.

Mia is an art teacher in Chicago. One night, she goes to a bar to meet a man she has been dating. He doesn’t show up; she proceeds to pound drinks and chat up a stranger. She winds up missing, leaving her friends, super successful family, and a very likable detective searching for clues. The pace is lightning quick, there are many twists and turns, and the ending will leave you with your mouth hanging open for a moment or two.

Grab your own delicious beverage, a free afternoon, and this speedy mystery for the book nerd trifecta.


Bonus points to myself for the author liking my tweet about this book.


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