The Girl From Venice – Martin Cruz Smith

May 02

The Girl From Venice – Martin Cruz Smith

I love a love story.

This gem is set in Italy at the end of WWII. Martin Cruz Smith tells the tale of a fisherman, Cenzo, and his discovery of a ‘dead’ girl one night while out fishing. Giulia ends up being not quite as dead as Cenzo first believed. She, as it turns out, is Jewish and is on the run from some Nazis who just killed her parents.

Cenzo spends most of his time mourning the loss of his younger brother Hugo, and hating his older brother Giorgio, a suave actor who stole the fisherman’s first wife. I loved the descriptions of Cenzo’s family and the local folks he interacts with throughout the story.

The historical aspects of the story were somewhat new to me, so that was interesting. Most of the WWII literature I have read focused on either Germany, England, or America. This story brings all of those groups together at the tail end of the war in beautiful Venice.


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