Gabriel’s Angels – Pam Gaber

Jul 30

Gabriel’s Angels – Pam Gaber

I was lucky enough to put my hands on this book thanks to the author’s sister.  Pam Gaber tells the true story of Gabriel.  Gabriel is a very special dog who not only changed the author’s life, but sparked a revolution that touches lives all over Arizona.  Pam Gaber was living the corporate American dream; tons of money, travel, and power.  She has an epiphany while in the airport one fateful day.  While boarding one plane, she passes her husband disembarking from another.  This, she thinks, is no way to live.  Enter Gabriel.  Gabriel is a gentle, loving Weimaraner that belongs to Mrs. Gaber and her husband Mike.  Through a blessed course of events, this dog ends up in contact with abused children at a Crisis Center.  The therapeutic effects Gabriel has on the children inspire Pam and spark her into action.  Today, Gabriel’s Angels is a non-profit organization that provides pet therapy to at risk children.   This is an amazing story of truly finding your life’s calling.  I have taught with the greatest teacher ever, Pam’s sister Mary, for 14 years.  Between these two sisters, they have changed the lives of thousands of children, for the better.  Buy this book, the profits go directly to Gabriel’s Angels.  Then start looking around your own community, see what you can do to make your world a better place.  Who knows where the path of good will may take you….

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    I’d love to read this book!

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