Food: A Love Story

Jan 26

Food: A Love Story

Jim Gaffigan brings the funny with this highly entertaining homage to (mostly) unhealthy food. I first remember seeing Mr. Gaffigan played the main character’s brother on an immensely underrated television show called My Boys. That sitcom was sports, beers, and dating told from a female perspective in the cleverest, most hilarious way. Perfection. Fast-forward seven years, and I find this book on the “Buy Two, Get One Free” table at Barnes & Noble. I can never make it past that table.

After reading Paulo Coelho’s latest, Adultery (same table!) and being über disappointed, I needed a literary palate cleanser. Reading Food: A Love Story, I laughed so hard that I cried. I actually had to read the book in different sittings, because I ended up crying so hard I could not continue reading. What an amazing and unique reading problem! The Husband has that doctor’s schedule, so I was home alone during many of these abbreviated reading sessions. I fear my neighbors may now think they are living next to a hysterical gal.

Regarding oysters: “Squeeze some lemon on it, a dab of hot sauce, throw the oyster down the back of your throat, take a shot of vodka, and try to forget you just ate snot from a rock. That is not how you eat something. That is how you overdose on sleeping pills.”

The explanation of the Dunkin’ Donuts logo is genius. The stages of eating a cheeseburger is the double truth. I had to read the Hot Pocket descriptors on two separate occasions. And I am maybe shaking a little right now typing, with this magical observation about ordering delivery food: “Also in the bag of the delivered food is usually a menu for the restaurant. What is the purpose of that? Didn’t I just order from the menu? I didn’t just guess what they had at the restaurant.”

The pictures are sadly black and white, probably to prevent food bloggers like me from licking the pages. I love the way that he shouts his wife out through the course of the book. I’m a happily married gal; I think everyone should celebrate their spouse from the rooftops.

I am also taking suggestions straight from the book; Gaffigan is a stand-up comedian, and he has eaten in all corners of this great nation. Panini’s in Cleveland? I am coming for you.

Enjoy this fun book; just not when you are hungry and not in a place where you can embarrass yourself due to uncontrollable laughter.

I love to laugh. I love to eat. I love to read.
Thanks, JG. Keep up the good work.




  1. This is definitely now on my to-read list! I have a feeling I’d love it.

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