Florida Gold – Harvey’s 4th Street Grill

Oct 06

Florida Gold – Harvey’s 4th Street Grill

Harvey’s 4th Street Grill is a St. Petersburg classic that is new to me.  I was first introduced to this fine place over the summer by two of my best gal friends from the schoolhouse.  I think I always avoided Harvey’s because it is located in sort of a crappy strip mall.  My mistake; one should never judge a book by its cover.  The walls of Harvey’s are lined with old signage from around St. Pete.  The place was bumping both times I have been there.  The Florida Gold intrigued me, as I am always looking for a decent veggie sandy.  Freshly sliced avocado, alfalfa sprouts, grated Swiss cheese, and sliced tomato on whole wheat bread with a fantastic house-made 1000 Island Dressing.   The ingredients were tasty; I decided to have it grilled.  I’m not sure what happened there; the bread was sort of grilled but cold when it came to me.



The Husband’s 4th Street Grill, however, was grilled to perfection.  Hot pastrami, cole slaw, muenster cheese and 1000 Island dressing on grilled pumpernickel.  I maybe commandeered that bad boy.  The waitress was so friendly and funny, The Husband’s sandwich delectable, the location easy-peasy lemon squeezey, and the prices fair for the amount of food.



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