Fifty Shades of Grey – E L James

Sep 15

Fifty Shades of Grey – E L James

Any time a book gets this much buzz, I sort of feel obligated to read it and see what it is all about. While on my honeymoon this summer, a fun side game was to tally how many gals at the Sandals in the Bahamas were reading this book by E L James(4.) James weaves the tale of spunky, smart, and doesn’t-know-she’s-hot Anastasia Steele falling in love for the first time with handsome, uber-rich, kinky Christian Grey. Fathers, lock up your daughters around this guy. Christian is a major control freak with very specific sexual tastes. (Bondage, anyone? Yikes.) As I read through some of the more painful and erotic scenes, I was reminded of an SNL skit with Tom Brady a few years ago. It was entitled, “Sexual Harassment and You.” Tom Brady gets away with pretty much anything, because he is so hot. The same can be said for Christian Grey. He wants the down and dirty sex on his terms. He also basically stalks Ana throughout the book, and has an insanely jealous side. Can we say toxic? Pretty sure everyone has dated that one person that was terrible for you, but you just kept going back due to the insane chemistry. The erotic passages, and there were quite a few, were fairly detailed and I read some things I had never heard of before. According to my friends, books 2 and 3 have much better story lines. This is a perfect book for the beach or a rainy weekend. It’ll keep you entertained…and maybe teach you a few things.


  1. Allison /

    I read the trilogy while in Panama. I was reading on the airplane and turned fifty shade of red.

  2. Jen Dahlke /

    Read the other two books, Nik. I started skipping over the sexual details after one DISGUSTING act in the 2nd. It was just too much for me to phathom that a virgin would not think twice about what he did. (I’ll tell you after you have read) But the 2nd and 3rd books at least have a story line that makes them worth reading.

  3. @Al…I am picturing you reading this on the plane. Priceless. @Jen…you are scaring me. I, apparently, am a Vanilla. I’ll try!!!

  4. I read the first one (incognito in my house haha) then started the second one….skimmed the last part and then flipped through the 3rd then sold them on ebay. Not that I’m a prude or anything, just thought the writing was terrible and couldn’t get into it. The hype didn’t do it for me.

  5. This book got me pregnant! Shall I send you books 2 and 3? They are banned from my house!

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